Can you Speed Up Getting Rid of Acne with Prescribed Acne Treatments?

Studies show that most individuals who have had and are still suffering from acne choose to consult a skin care expert to get rid of their blemishes. Their primary reason is that these skin care experts know what they do and they can help them get rid of their blemishes much faster. This may sound like a good reason but is using prescribed acne treatments really help you speed up the duration of your acne problem?

Prescribed acne treatments are often given to individuals that have serious acne problems. Those individuals who suffer from acne problems that fail to respond traditional acne treatments. However, this trend has shifted over the past years as more and more people choose to go to consult dermatologists than looking for traditional ways to get rid of their blemishes.

Let me lay out some facts here.

  1. When you go to a dermatologist, you will be charge for consultation. On top of that, you will be also enrolled to a month of acne treatment using all sorts of prescribed acne products. These products can range from topical antibiotics to vitamin A derivative capsules. These prescribed acne treatments can break the bank. On top of that, you need to visit your dermatologist regularly so that you can monitor your progress.
  2. If you take these prescribed acne treatments, you need to make sure that you understand the risks involved. These treatments should not be taken without doctor’s prescription for a reason. These treatments are not safe to use especially if you are planning to get pregnant, if you are pregnant and if you are lactating. Prolonged use of these treatments have serious implications to your health. You need to be aware of these and your dermatologist should provide you with all the details.
  3. Though may help you get rid of your blemishes, these prescribed acne treatments do not provide a permanent solution for your acne problem. Like over the counter acne treatments, prescribed acne medications and creams only treats your blemishes externally and does not deal with the real cause of your acne.

If you are looking at prescribed acne products as your number one choice to get rid of acne, you might as well forget about that. Look for other alternatives such as changing your diet and your lifestyle. Though most dermatologists claim that your diet has nothing to do with acne, thousands of people can testify that certain food has helped them solve their problem with acne.